Why is everyone talking about Ningxia Red

Why is everyone talking about Ningxia Red
Ningxia Red is certainly having its moment in the spotlight! Everyone from celebrities to nutrition experts are talking about this antioxidant-rich drink, and it's easy to understand why. Packed with polyphenols, minerals, vitamins, and natural juice extracts, Ningxia Red offers an impressive cocktail of antioxidant protection and immunity support. 

Its tangy-sweet flavour makes it great for everyday hydration, while the health benefits make it an attractive choice for anyone looking to make healthy lifestyle decisions. No wonder everyone's suddenly chatting about this life-enhancing drink!

It supports balanced digestive functions

As a daily health supplement, Ningxia Red can be a wonderful addition to your diet! It contains beneficial fruits and berries that are great for the digestive system. I found consuming it to be really helpful in supporting normal digestion. With its delicious taste, this formula makes it easier for me to drink my daily recommended amount of servings. I enjoy knowing that each pack of Ningxia Red helps me feel healthier and supports balanced digestive functions.

Revitalize your skin with the help of Ningxia Red! 

Ningxia Red is worth considering if you’re looking for skin health benefits because one of the best features of this powerful drink is that it helps flush out all the bad stuff from your system, making you feel better in no time!

Wolfberries and other powerful ingredients such as aronia berries and pomegranate deliver natural antioxidants to make skin look younger and brighter. The polysaccharides from the wolfberries also help boost skin moisture from the inside out, helping skin remain hydrated.

Simply adding two ounces of the beverage (one pack) to your daily routine is a fast and easy way to give your skin the boost it needs for optimal health.

Does Ningxia Red contain caffeine?

NingXia Red has long been celebrated as a nutritional powerhouse that promotes energy and overall health. One of the most common questions people have is, does it contain caffeine? The answer is no. 

There are over 30 ingredients in this amazing product, but there is no caffeine, so you can enjoy it knowing you are not getting that jolt of energy associated with coffee or soda or having to worry about the possible side effects associated with drinking energy drinks. The energy you feel when drinking NingXia Red comes from its powerful combination of superfoods which work together naturally to provide the body with sustained vitality without the need for caffeine added in.

It's a family drink!

Ningxia red is a perfect family drink, made to be enjoyed by kids, parents and grandparents alike.
Grownups can get the same great health benefits from Ningxia Red as kids do, especially since it has a yummy, sweet taste without all of the added sugar. Plus, it's perfect when you need just a little extra something to get through the day - no more need for a mid-afternoon coffee run or sugary snacks!

How much Ningxia Red should I drink?
If you've never had Ningxia Red before, it's okay! You don't need to start off with a big commitment. It's all about finding the right balance for your body, so why not try taking small steps? Start out slowly - a pack a day - and observe how much energy you gain, how clear your skin looks, or if you just feel great overall. Increasing your intake is easy when you're feeling good - and that's what Ningxia Red is all about! So get ready for some amazing outcomes as you step into a new routine of drinking this amazing elixir.

10 reasons I am grateful for 2022

10 reasons I am grateful for 2022
2022 has certainly presented its challenges― that’s for sure! I was initially planning to write a resolution like I do every other year, but this time around I wanted to take a different approach and think about the things that I am grateful for from 2022. 
As I started writing out my list, I realized how much there was to be thankful for in the past year, despite everything going on around us. It really provided a sense of perspective and positivity during this difficult time. 
When we take the time to recognize all of these little moments that bring us joy and fulfilment, it can get us through some of the toughest times.

Here is my list of 10 things I am grateful for 2022

1- A longtime dream project 
The Warehouse Studio in Taipa has been a longtime dream come true project for my partner and me. We revamped an ordinary garage into a creative space, for the local community to cherish. Through our space, visitors can take dance classes, attend events, and practice yoga! It's truly remarkable how far we've come since we started this project. We are proud to have developed a unique space in Taipa, where our community can nurture their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

2- I met some incredibly talented people 
I had the opportunity to meet some of the most talented and inspiring people. This experience taught me how much we can accomplish if we carefully choose the people with whom to surround ourselves.

3- I did more of what I love to do
Dance is life as once said by a wise friend. With the pandemic shutting so much down, it's been one of the few ways I've been able to really look forward to something in 2022. It has been the perfect stress reliever and something that always lifts my spirits. Despite the challenges we faced this year, dancing has been a remarkable source of comfort and joy for me.

4-  Challenge myself
With patience and persistence, I can now proudly say that I have learned some gymnastics skills! My incredible teachers were there every step of the way to provide guidance and support. Grateful for their patience with me, I was so proud when I finally managed to do a somersault all by myself!
This is something that will always remind me to take on challenges and never give up!

5- Keep expanding my knowledge!
I am so glad that I had the resources and opportunity to further my aromatherapy studies. Procrastination held me back for more than two years, but ultimately the lockdown provided me with an ideal occasion to submerge myself in studying aromatherapy even deeper. Aromatherapy is such a wonderful thing and taking this course gives me the knowledge to positively impact more people's lives.

6- Time to pause and reflect
In a way, I was grateful to be given an opportunity to take some time off. It seems like time just keeps flying by. In the hustle of our daily lives, we often forget to pause for a breather and reflect on our actions. Taking the time to think about what we are doing is essential for our growth and learning. It allows us to become aware of things that may be holding us back so we can make better decisions and progress towards achieving our dreams. 

7- Delivered aromatherapy to more families
It's not an exaggeration to say that Young Living essential oils have helped transform lives! People really looked for natural alternatives and seeing our families enjoying the benefits of essential oils has been inspiring and life-giving, especially in this tumultuous time. Introducing Young Living oils into people's lives gives me such joy knowing that I'm helping them create moments of wellness and peace within their homes. 

8- Opened an online shop
After years of having the idea to open an online shop for natural products, I finally made it happen! Although I thought that life was too busy to make it a reality, taking a pause from my other responsibilities really gave me the extra time and inspiration to open the shop. I understand people don't always find the time to make natural products themselves, so my shop is convenient access to a natural lifestyle without cutting back on your valuable time.

9- My family
I'm so thankful that my family is doing well, despite all the chaos and distress 2020 - 2022 has brought. The pandemic has been so overwhelming and a lot of families have gone through hardships, but they have managed to stay safe—and that's something to be immensely grateful for! 

10 - A new start with freedom
What a great feeling it is to know that the end of this year brings us such good news! The government's decision to reduce their control measures gives us the chance to wake up on January 1st without feeling suffocated and instead greets us with possibilities. 
We started 2023 with freedom and some optimism about what lies ahead. Our lives have been restricted by pandemic control measures for so long, but I know we’re ready to make the most of whatever 2023 throws at us. 

Here’s to health, freedom, and positive change in the New Year! Cheers!

How Essential Oils Can Help with Grief and Sorrow

How Essential Oils Can Help with Grief and Sorrow 
Grief can be overwhelming, leaving one feeling drained and needing emotional support. Fortunately, there are ways to naturally support emotions during grief, such as using essential oils. Essential oils can provide comfort during difficult times and offer assistance when you need it the most. 

What Are Essential Oils?
Essential oils are natural plant extracts that have been used for centuries to help soothe and nourish the body, mind, and soul. These oils are derived from plants such as lavender, bergamot, Roman chamomile, and more. Each oil has its own unique properties that can offer different therapeutic benefits depending on what type of emotion you’re trying to manage. 

Single Essential Oils to Help with Emotions and Grief
When it comes to grief and feelings of loss, essential oils can be a great way to help ease any negative feelings or emotions that may arise during this difficult period. Single essential oils like Bergamot, Lavender, and Roman chamomile are known for their calming effects on the body and mind. These oils can help relieve stress and promote relaxation while providing emotional comfort in times of distress. 

Popular blends are also available, such as White Angelica, Release, Joy, and Valor contain multiple essential oils that work together synergistically to provide increased emotional support in times of need. These blends are specifically designed to help restore balance in your life during difficult periods such as grief or depression.     

If you prefer something ready-to-use rather than purchasing individual bottles of essential oil, I created this - "Gentle Grief Support Set" specifically with grief in mind! This set includes two roll-ons—one for the morning and one for the night—and an inhaler that can be used throughout the day when needed. All three products contain a blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils designed to provide natural emotional support whenever you need it! 

Grief is difficult, but tools like essential oil can make it easier to cope with negative emotions like sorrow or sadness during this time. Whether you choose single essential oils or blends tailored specifically for managing grief or sorrow —there’s something out there that can help provide comfort in whatever form works best for you! 

And if you require even more assistance than just aromatherapy alone—it’s important to reach out to someone who can provide additional support along your healing journey. Everyone needs help sometimes!

Why the switch to a natural lifestyle | Porque a mudança para um estilo de vida mais natural

A few years ago, I was looking for a permanent solution for my son's skin rashes because I was tired of trying all sorts of recommended and prescribed products. I spent years in despair. It hurt me to see his inflamed, red, itchy skin.
While researching alternatives, I found an article about the toxins in laundry detergent ingredients and how they can impact our health and skin.
It's hard to imagine how an "innocent" product that helps us so much in our daily lives can harm us. After all, we've been using them for so many years, our parents too, and they haven't left any signs of damage. And if they really are harmful, they wouldn't be used by the whole world, right? 
The truth is, although some detergents leave clothes smelling like a "fresh Spring breeze," most contain toxins that can negatively affect our health.
Our skin is the largest organ, and toxic ingredients in laundry detergent are absorbed into our bodies through the pores (skin contact) and airways (inhalation).  These ingredients are linked to various health problems, from rashes to respiratory and more serious ones, believe it or not, even those that are for babies! 
One of our biggest enemies is synthetic fragrances! 
The “amazing aromas” written on the labels can lure us into thinking the clothes are cleaner, but in reality, they can mean a concoction of hundreds or thousands of synthetics of unknown chemical components. Usually derived from petroleum which can cause skin irritations, affect the respiratory system, cause hormonal disturbances, allergies, and potentially even more serious health problems. They are considered the most significant pollutants we can have in the home. 
The term "fragrance" or perfume can be made up of hundreds of "ingredients," but under US regulations, those hundreds of ingredients can be listed simply as "Fragrance." This means that when you see the ingredient "Fragrance" on the label, you don't really know what you are getting. And that is why so many people get headaches or sneeze when they are around air purifiers and perfumes. 
Knowing how to identify them is essential to decide which products you want to have at home and use in your daily life is vital. 
This is why, in 2016, I became interested in returning to basics and finding natural solutions. 
Do as our grandmothers used to do, turn to nature. Nature is perfect and knows what it is doing. 
I learned that "less is more." I learned how to make my laundry detergent with only three ingredients, all-natural. I learned to read labels and make substitutions at home. I saved money on cleaning and personal care products, trips to the doctor, etc. 
It has been an incredible journey of discovery and not at all complicated to execute. What could be simpler than putting a few drops in a diffuser to improve my sleep? Or put a drop of essential oil on the palms of your hands and inhale to alleviate motion discomfort? Not only did my son's skin improve (he hasn't gotten rashes since then), this lifestyle change positively impacted my whole family's health and wellness. 
Seven years separate these two images. Yes, they don't have the same light, but you get the idea. My skin, vitality, health, and mood are much better today than in 2016. 
The best thing is that I met great people who think alike and were also looking for longer-lasting, more sustainable solutions. If you are looking for natural solutions and need help figuring out where to start, I can show you how to take the first step, and I will walk alongside you. I assure you it is a very aromatic journey, with lots of discoveries, learnings, and fun. Click here and send me a message with "I want".

Há uns anos, procurava uma solução definitiva para o eczema do meu filho porque estava cansada de experimentar todo o tipo de produtos recomendados e prescritos. Passei anos de desespero. Custava-me ver a pele inflamada, vermelha e comichosa. 

Enquanto pesquisava por alternativas, encontrei um artigo sobre as toxinas nos ingredientes dos detergentes para a roupa e como podem ter impacto na nossa saúde e pele.

É difícil imaginar como um produto "inofensivo" que nos auxilia tanto no quotidiano poder prejudicar-nos. Afinal de contas, já os utilizamos há tantos anos, os nossos pais também, e nunca deixaram sinais de danos, e se realmente são nocivos, não seriam utilizados pelo mundo inteiro, certo?

A verdade é que embora alguns detergentes deixam as roupas com um cheiro agradável e nos levem a acreditar que são bons e eficazes, muitas vezes contêm toxinas que afectam negativamente a nossa saúde.

A nossa pele é o maior órgão, e os ingredientes tóxicos encontrados no detergente de roupa (incluindo os para os bebés!) são absorvidos pelo nosso corpo através dos poros (contacto com a pele) e vias respiratórias (quando inalamos). Esses ingredientes estão ligados a uma série de problemas de saúde, desde erupções cutâneas, problemas respiratórios e outros mais graves. 

Um dos nossos grandes inimigos são as fragrâncias.
Os “maravilhosos aromas” como constam nos rótulos podem-nos levar a crer que as roupas estão mais limpas, mas na realidade, o termo "fragrância" ou perfume pode significar um cocktail de 4000 componentes químicos sintéticos que não conhecemos. São normalmente derivados de petróleo que podem causar irritações cutâneas, afectar as vias respiratórias, causar perturbações hormonais, alergias, e outros problemas potencialmente mais graves. São considerados os poluentes mais significativos que podemos ter em casa.

Segundo os regulamentos dos EUA, essas centenas ou milhares de ingredientes podem ser listadas apenas por uma palavra - "Fragrância". Isto significa que quando virmos o ingrediente "fragrância" escrito no rótulo, não sabemos realmente o que estamos a obter. E é por isso que muitas pessoas têm dores de cabeça ou espirram quando inalam purificadores de ar ou perfumes. 

É importante sabermos como identificá-los, para podermos tomar as devidas decisões em relação aos produtos que vamos querer ter em casa. 

Foi por isso que, em 2016, me despertou o interesse em voltar ao básico e encontrar soluções naturais. Fazer como as nossas avós faziam, virar-me para a natureza. A natureza é perfeita e sabe o que faz. 

Aprendi que "menos é mais". Aprendi a fazer o meu detergente de roupa com apenas 3 ingredientes, todos eles naturais. Aprendi a ler os rótulos e a fazer substituições em casa. Economizei nos produtos de limpeza nos de cuidados pessoais, nas idas ao médico etc. 
Tem sido uma viagem incrível de descoberta e nada complicada de executar. O que poderia ser mais simples do que colocar umas gotas num difusor para melhorar o meu sono? Ou pôr uma gota de óleo essencial nas palmas das mãos e inalar para aliviar os enjôos? 
Não só a pele do meu filho melhorou (deixou de ter erupções cutâneas desde então), esta mudança teve um impacto positivo na saúde e bem-estar de toda a minha família. 

Sete anos separam estas duas imagens. Sim, elas não têm a mesma luz, mas fica a ideia. A minha pele, vitalidade, saúde e humor estão muito melhores hoje do que em 2016.

O melhor é que conheci pessoas incríveis que pensam da mesma forma, que também estavam à procura de soluções mais duradouras e mais sustentáveis.

Se estiveres à procura do mesmo e não sabes por onde começar, eu posso mostrar-te como dar o primeiro passo, e caminharei ao teu lado. Asseguro-te que é uma viagem muito aromática, com muitas descobertas, aprendizagem e muita diversão.

The 21 Days Bloom Challenge - #21daysBLOOMchallenge

This is not my best photo, but here I am, first thing in the morning, without filters or makeup and a bottle in my hand. 

Young Living launched this month the #21daysBLOOMchallenge - take one bottle of Bloom collagen a day for 21 consecutive days, and I accepted the challenge. 

BLOOM Collagen Complete has been one of Young Living's best-selling products since its launch because it works like magic on our skin, and I'm going to embrace the challenge and certify its effectiveness.

This collagen drink helps revitalize and rejuvenate the skin because one of the factors leading to aging is collagen loss. Collagen is a fibrous protein and represents about 35% of the total proteins in our body. In the skin, these proteins are formed mainly by type I collagen (85%) and are responsible for keeping the skin moisturized, elastic, and resistant. It is the glue that holds all the structures in our body together.

Unfortunately, as we age, we lose part of our collagen, which is when the signs of aging appear too! By the time we reach the 40s, we lose about 30%, and by the age of 50, half of the amount of collagen we have in our body is gone, affecting our skin, nails, and hair. 

Bloom Collagen Complete from Young Living helps replenish and nourish our body's collagen. Each 50ml bottle has about 10,000mg of hydrolyzed liquid marine collagen Peptan of fast absorption. Besides, it contains powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help fight aging (goji berry extract, CoQ10, Jasmine green tea extract, Vitamin E, B2, B6, among others). It does not contain sugar; it's free of preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors.

I will be updating this post throughout these 21 days. 

Esta não é a minha melhor fotografia, mas aqui estou eu, logo pela manhã, sem filtros ou maquilhagem e com um frasco na mão.
A Young Living lançou este mês o #21daysBLOOMchallenge - tomar um frasco de Bloom collagen por dia durante 21 dias consecutivos, e eu aceitei o desafio. 

O BLOOM Collagen Complete tem sido um dos produtos da Young Living mais vendidos desde o seu lançamento porque faz magia na nossa pele, e vou aproveitar o desafio para certificar a sua eficácia.

Esta é uma bebida de colagéno que ajuda a revitalizar e a rejuvenescer a pele, porque um dos factores que leva ao envelhecimento é a perda dele.  O colagénio é uma proteína fibrosa e representa cerca de 35% do total de proteínas no nosso corpo. Na pele, essas proteínas são formadas principalmente pelo colágeno tipo I (85%) e são responsáveis por manter a pele hidratada, elástica e resistente. É a cola que mantém toda a estrutura no nosso corpo ligada.

Infelizmente a partir dos 20 anos de idade começamos a perder diariamente parte do colagéneo e é nessa altura que os sinais de envelhecimento também surgem! Quando chegamos aos 40s perdemos cerca de 30% e aos 50 anos, metade da quantidade de colagéneo que temos no corpo, desaparece, e afecta não só a pele como também as unhas e o cabelo.
O Bloom Collagen Complete da Young Living, ajuda a repôr e a nutrir o colagéneo do nosso corpo. Cada frasquinho de 50ml tem cerca de. 10,000mg de Peptan de colágeno marinho líquido hidrolisado de rápida e fácil absorção. Contém igualmente poderosos antioxidantes, vitaminas e minerais que ajudam a combater o envelhecimento (o extracto de bagas goji, CoQ10, o extracto de chá verde de Jasmim, a Vitamina E, B2, B6 entre outros). Não contém açúcar, livre de conservantes, corantes e sabores artificiais.

Irei fazendo actualizações ao longo desses 21 dias.

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