Why Young Living Lavender Honey Deserves a Spot in Your Pantry

Why Young Living Lavender Honey Deserves a Spot in Your Pantry
I absolutely love honey, especially Young Living Lavender Honey.

Did you know it falls under the "white honey" category? While it's not pure white, it has a beautiful light amber or almost clear hue. But the color isn't the only thing special about it. This type of honey is packed with antioxidants, along with vitamins and minerals like B vitamins, copper, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and zinc.

Its creamy texture and delicate, floral flavor make it perfect for adding to your favorite teas, baking recipes, or even savory dishes. Try mixing a scoop into mustard salad dressing, or pair it with feta or blue cheese for a touch of authentic sweetness. It’s absolutely delicious!

Nicolas Landel, Farm Manager at Simiane la Rotonde in France, explains why Young Living's Lavender Honey is so exceptional: "We use only mechanical tools to harvest our honey, so no additional products are involved. Our label says 'Raw Honey,' meaning it's neither heated nor cooked, preserving its full nutritional value. This is important because pasteurizing honey, as many do, can strip away its nutrients. Our Lavender Honey is naturally hard and turns liquid only when heated. Its whitish color indicates a high concentration of lavender nectar."

Don't miss out on Young Living's Lavender Honey. When you have the chance, grab a bottle and taste the difference!

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